200 walnuts in the engine compartment

on NPR this morning https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/me/2019/10/20191009_me_hr1_return-rachel.mp3 26 seconds

I’ve got that problem. I’ve found shreds of my air filter made into a nest in my intake housing along with hood insulation. I got an air filter wrapped in steel mesh, used moth balls for awhile, sealed my garage better.

Sounds like a good lazy way to harvest nuts!

Rodents are what made me a cabin filter convert. If my MR2 had had a cabin filter, that rodent probably wouldn’t have stored dog food in my blower chamber, and you’ve all heard that disgusting story.

I have shredded a mouse or two in blower motors. That isn’t fun and doesn’t smell good either!

Then I had like 60lbs of sticks and leaves in my engine bay. It was packrats and am sure that is a great way to start a fire, especially when you opened up the hood to find chewed wiring.

My solution was to get some outside kitty cats and that solved the problems.

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