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Mice living in Engine

I took my car in for a oil change and the the guys fixing my fluids/air filter etc showed me how the mice were chewing my airfliter for nest material. No poop in the car, but seeds etc.

How do I get them out?? I am ok (not thrilled, but ok) with poison etc, but I don’t want dead smelly mice in my engine! any thoughts!

There’s a long thread on this same subject that started in the last week. It’s at

Lots of great information there.

smear a trail of peanut butter from your filter into the woods.

Made me laugh.

That would draw rhodents from miles around. The problem would grow by orders of magnitude.

Kill the mice, by any means necessary, before they start chewing the wiring. If they do that you will have large repair bills.

Do you have a cat?

I have found that 1/4" steel mesh over all the fresh air openings including the airbox intake works well. Small enough to keep animals out yet large enough to not restrict air flow.