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Residual odor after removal of Chipmunks fromheater box in 2010 Audi A4

Upon arriving home from Fl. Got in car to go for groceries. A horrible noise occurred but subsided so I did drive to store.
After the noise episode the air conditioner did not work. Audi service found 2 dead Chipmunks in the heater box. Repair was completed but odor remains when car has been sitting and closed. Any cure for this problem without taking the whole dash off again. Help!

Yes. Carry around a bottle of Lysol or Pine-Sol. Each time you plan to start the engine, add a few drops of the solution to the fresh air system. The intake is usually the slots in the cowl (where the wipers are attached). You do not even have to raise the hood.

In a week or less the odor will be cleared. This has worked for me. Take your choice – lemon, pine, or lavender.

Thanks for your suggestion. This is a new car, the dealer will take the dash board off and clean every thing again but I am afraid that may lead to more problems. I have sprayed lysol air freshner into the vents once , this was suggested by the dealer. It didn’t seem to help much. I will try your tip, Thanks…Jackie

Jackie, not the vents (inside the car). Add the Lysol to the intake, which is outside, through the slots in the cowl. And the liquid works better than the spray.