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Chime alarm in 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

Here are the basics on the car: 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid, 146,000 miles

Here’s what happened:

While pulling out of the parking lot at Dunkin Donuts this morning, my girlfriend came to a stop before pulling out onto the road. At that time, we started to hear a “beep beep beep” noise in the car. It wasn’t the horn - it was the same alarm as the one that comes on when you leave the keys in the ignition.

There were absolutely no indicator lights on the dash - except for the auto stop alert, which was blinking a green light. When we got home and stopped in her driveway, the same thing happened again.

We’re puzzled. Any thoughts as to what this could be?

Does it sound like the chime that happens when you are not wearing your seat-belt?

We have one car that if you have the directional on to long the chime will sound.
Was the difectional on while you waited in traffic and when you pulled out into the road the blinker tripped off and the alarm stoped.

I cant resist…That alarm was not from your friends car. You never even saw that overweight police officer in the mirror running and panting down the road. That was the alarm from his pacemaker!!!

No blinker, and our seatbelts were on.

Now days with so many sensors in a vehicle, it could be as simple as a door ajar, a gas door not closed, or many other things. If it were to continue you could just stop at a dealer and ask.

But I wouldn’t worry about it and think that it was something serious. Anything that could be a major problem would come up as a Check engine light or some other warning light that would be more obvious to the operator.


Here’s the circuit diagram for a 2007 Civic (non-hybrid). Yes, could be many things.

I bet it has something to do with the seat belts…There’s about 10 different reasons they become unhappy and cause the chime to sound…

I had enough of a “chime” while on the road near Glendale CA a few years ago. I couldn’t find the reason for the chime to make noise so I just unplugged it after I finally located it. If you are ever in the Glendale area around an In-N-Out hamburger establishment…you might be able to find the little gray monster still laying in the weeds.

Did the engine actually stop or was the engine still running when you got the chime and blinking light? If the engine was still running it may be a malfunction in the auto-stop feature.

My first thought would be…What does the vehicle manufacturer…via the Owner’s Manual…have to say regarding this issue?

Has the OP consulted his Owner’s Manual?

Has the OP consulted his Owner's Manual?

Manual? What manual? I don’t need no stinking manual!

I had a chime sound in my 2000 Explorer that was irritanting. It would chime 5 times in sets of 3, stop for a bit, then repeat. The owners manual said nothing about it. After some searching on Ford forums online, I found out that the chimes warn you about indicator lights on the dash were blown. I looked closely at the dash when I started the truck, and found the airbag warning light was not coming on as a self-test. I pulled the dash cluster and replaced that bulb plus some backlight bulbs that had blown and the chimes went away.