Alarm chirp Honda Civic 2015

So my car chirps at me 5 times when I’m not around my car. I’m not sure why it’s chirping and I’ve received a lot of complains about it. When I lock the car, it’s fine, it’s not until a while later while I’m in my house, I will hear it chirp for no reason. Sometimes it’ll chirp when I walk towards it as well. Also sometimes, depending where my car is, instead of chirping, the car alarm just goes off for no reason. I read somewhere it might be something with valet mode so I changed it, but it didn’t help. Is there something else I could do to deal with the problem? Every time I take it to the shop, they tell me they can’t work on it and all they can do is put in a new one.

That sounds like an aftermarket add on system. The 5 chirps would be an impact sensor warning to someone tampering with the vehicle.

The alarm shouldn’t sound if it is in valet mode so I would say that it is not in valet mode.

You can put the system in valet mode, replace or disconnect the alarm.

It might help if you answer a few questions.
Did you buy this used ? Is this an after market alarm ? Do you know if it has the proximity feature ? Is this shop the dealer , a vehicle repair place or an actual alarm shop ? Have you asked to have the alarm disabled ?

And there should be a dial somewhere hidden, probably under the dash, to adjust the impact sensor sensitivity. Some of those things can be turned up so high that a twig falling on the roof will trip them.

I did buy it used from a dealership. I am not sure if it’s aftermarket or not. and when I took it to another dealership when they said they couldn’t touch the alarm system or disable it.

It probably is an after market , just find an alarm shop and have it removed. That should solve your problem.

If the vehicle has a factory alarm system, that’s controlled thru the BCM.


Some modern car alarms seem to have proximity sensors. I notice both chirps and sounds of door locks sometimes coming from empty parked cars as I’m on a neighborhood walk-a-bout. OP should do some Googling to find the owner’s manual instructions for their alarm system. You’d think valet mode would do the trick, but apparently not.