Chime Ringing

I have a 1997 ford econoline van and when I start it up and drive for about 2 miles ( it varies) the chime bell rings 5 times and then stops then starts up again ringing 5 times, this continues starting and stopping for a total of 25 rings. Does anyone know why it is ringing and what I can do about it? Thanks

If you tell us what this “chime bell” is normally supposed to warn you about, we will have a better clue as to what is causing the problem.

Is this a “headlights on” warning, or a “door ajar” warning, or a “fasten seatbelts” reminder, or…?

Not sure what the chime bell is warning me about. It is coming from the dash. Wish I could give more info.

Does this chime still sound off when the vehicle is shut off?

You’ll need to narrow the fault field for us.

That’s the warning that your air bag light is burned out, and you have an air bag fault. To verify this, notice if the SRS (airbag) light comes on for a few seconds when you start the car and then goes out. I bet it doesn’t come on at all, because it’s burned out. The series of five chimes is a warning that the bulb is out.

The chime only rings when the car is running.