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Chewed wiring

can anyone suggest ways to stop animals from chewing thru the wires on an 03 trailblazer? they just got the fuel sensor again, also the main engine wiring harness? i’ve tried irish spring soap,dryer sheets, pest spray.???

I put a mouse trap on each tire when I parked at nite. I live in an area that is their habitat, and they’d jump up into the engine area to stay warm at nite. I also checked my wiring each am before starting, noting that their droppings and some nesting materials were being left behind. They got me once to the tune of $150 worth of wire harness. I used a “mechanical cat” live mouse trap and relocated the offender when I caught it. I figured it was their land and I was just living here for the next 5 decades…bleeding heart.
I am sure I’ll get chewed on again, but its the price I pay for living here.

Where do you park. If indoors, a good pest management plan is in order.