Chevy Venture Stalling

Chevy venture stalls with no indication of stalling. No check engine lights, no codes. Taken to the dealership twice with no success. Still happening. Charged $1200 and still not safe vehicle? Any ideas?

What year and how many miles?

“stalls with no indication of stalling” Does that mean it just suddenly stall without any warning?

 How often?  Worm hot or cold?  Auto or manual transmission?  Driving conditions when it happens?
  1. It just stalls. when I driving along, highway, traffic lights. It seems to a happen more oftern , after I have made frequent short trips during the days. Its a auto tranmissions. Driving conditions are normal, no rain. I live in New England/
    The engine light does not appear to be running hot. It has been happening off and on the last month. It will usually start after 15-20 minutes rest???

Let us know what has been done/checked for that 1200.00 and why aren’t you raising heck about with the Dealership? do they claim they can not duplicate and send you on your way?