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2000 Chevy Venture "Hiccups" when you acclerate

We have a 2000 Chevy venture warner bro edition van with 129000K miles - I think it is a V6. For the past year, it has had this problem randomly - but now it is almost constant.

When you are driving and your foot is on the gas peddle, randomly it feels like it is going to stall - - when this happens, the van lunges. It feels like a hiccup. This happens at any speed ? during a left turn, if you gun it - or even on cruise at 70 MPH. When it gets really bad, the idiot lights even come on momentarily - almost like it stalls, but then the problem resolves. Sometimes the “Service Engine soon” light is on, sometimes it is not. When it is on - the only codes are for the crank shaft regulator - and once there was a fuel code, but after removing the fuel cap and replacing it - that code stopped.

This is beginning to happen about 80% of the time while driving. It is NOT drive shaft regulators or the computer that regulates those. It is NOT the fuel injectors or mixed up spark plug wiring, etc. It is NOT the Cam sensor - Module or fuel pump. It has no codes (except the one for the drive shaft regulators).

We have spent nearly $1000 trying to get this fixed. It has been in the shop for 3 weeks at a time - with no luck. We appreciate any thoughts!

Recent suggestions have been a blocked EGR - or Mass Air Flow Sensor.

I would suggest that you start with a cleaning of the MAF.

Additionally, I would be interested in hearing about the “drive shaft regulators”. I am not familiar with that part.

I think you mean a code for the Crankshaft Position sensor. If that’s the case, that could very well cause this problem. The crankshaft position sensor is a primary input into the engine management computer. If the signal from the crankshaft position sensor is lost even for a second, the computer doesn’t detect crankshaft rotation and so the computer shuts the engine down because as far as it’s concerned the engine isn’t rotating. Besides, GM’s are known for their crankshaft position sensor failures.


You are right - that is what i meant. But it has been fixed or replaced and the van still does it. We seriously have $1000K of new parts - - -