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Chevy Venture stalls after driving it approximately 15 minutes

My 2001 Chevy Venture stalls after driving it approximately 15 minutes and won’t start for about 20-30 minutes, then same problem occurs. I’ve had the following parts replaced to date, with NO SUCCESS:


*** PLEASE H E L P !!! ***

Miles? Check Engine light on? What diagnostics have been done? Does it lose spark or fuel when this happens? What lead you to replace these parts?

120k Miles. NO Check Engine Light on. 3 different shops from 3 different so called mechanics said these parts needed changing. Another problem is my FUEL gauge goes to FULL when I first start car-20 seconds later, gauge goes to empty-even when tank full.

The ECM doesn’t monitor the fuel delivery system. I’ve seen these trucks have problems with the fuel relay and the electrical connector on top of the fuel pump. You may need a new wiring harness to the fuel pump. The thing that tips me off to this is the strange behavior of the fuel gauge. It is part of the fuel pump assembly and uses the same wire harness and connector. If both the pump and gauge are behaving strangely, the wiring or connectors are suspect.