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Chevy suburban wheels degenerating

2015 wheels degenerating… look like I drove thru acid. bubbly like hard white goop on wheels. Never happened on my previous four Suburbans, or 5 cadillacs. GM says, not their fault, no compensation. Any other similar complaints? Seems like crappy product used by GM.

That is correct , you are out of the warranty period . You may have two choices 1. Find a shop that refurbishes wheels 2. Just replace the wheels
As for other complaints about the wheels maybe a site dedicated to Suburban’s might answer that.

Pics? All 4 wheels have same issue?

If the wheels are bright chrome and you live where salt is used on the roads, this would not be uncommon. It is impossible for chrome on aluminum to last very long. 4-5 years is not overly short nor long.

If the wheels are painted aluminum, this usually only occurs this early because the wheel were scratched by a ham-fisted tire changer, un-coated weights were used or curb rash.

In, any event, not covered by GM. Repair or replace.

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