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2007 Yukon Denali

My wife and i have a 2007 Yukon Denali. It has chrome alloy wheels. They have over time become corroded to the point that the right front wheel leaks air. The truck has been washed regularly particularly in the winter (We Live in Groton, MA.). I think that this sort of corrosion is excessive and the wheels should be replaced. has anyone else experienced this? I’m thinking of going to good old fashion steel wheels with hubcaps.

Steel Wheels are an option, as are painted alloys (look on tire rack). The clear-coat or coating on chrome wheels gets torn up by sand and weather. Paint is a little more resilient. The other thing is to thoroughly wax the rims themselves when you wash them, this will protect the wheels AND make them easier to clean

Where is the leak? Has anyone tried cleaning up the bead area to see if it would hold after that?

You now know why I would not choose alloy wheels if I had a choice. Little or no mechanical advantage, high cost, reduced durability compared to steel wheels. Cheap wheel covers actually look good.

Note: for those who are actually racing and who spend huge amounts for their wheels, they will see some advantages, but not consumer grade wheels.