2014 Toyota Tundra chrome peeling off wheels

My 2014 tundra has chrome peeling off all 4 wheels (2 of which were replaces under warranty at 1 year). Now toyota says since it is out of warranty and they have no responsibility. The replacement wheels were also defective so the bottom line is in 3.5 years 6 chrome wheels are peeling…does anyone else have this problem?

EVERYone else has this problem.

Chrome over aluminum is a very bad idea but people like it so manufacturers offer it. Yours peeled a slight bit early but more will peel by 5 or 6 years. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Thanks for the info…this is the first chrome wheel I have ever had and it came with the truck…none of my other toyotas had chrome wheels…I assume was a cost cutting. Do you have a recommendation for wheel brands? Thank you!

Not really, there are just tons available from really cheap to stupid expensive. Cast is OK, forged is the best and there are several pressure casting techniques advertised to be nearly as strong as forged. Higher price usually means better quality.

Painted wheels, even those that look like shiny aluminum, will hold up the best and are easy to touch up if you scuff them. Next best are clear-coated in whole or part. The clear tends to spider-web after a 6-7 years or so around salty roads. Just try and get a wheel package for your truck that includes hub centering rings. Centering on the wheel studs can be a problem with some cars.

Thank you…

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