Chevy Suburan occasionally won't start

Infrequently (once every couple weeks) my 2002 Suburban won’t start. The starter seems to work properly as the engine tries to turn over and even seems to initially start for a fraction of a second but then dies. If I wait 10 to 30 minutes it will usually start without a problem. This problem does not seem to be related to outside temp, recent use or car position. After dealing with this occasionally inconvenient problem for months I took the car to a service shop and was told that if they could not reproduce the problem that trying to fix it would be a wild goose chase. When the problem occurred again I took it to another shop who kept the car for 3-4 days but was unable to reproduce the problem. They suggested that there was a problem with the fuel pump but did not want to replace it unless they were sure that was the problem. I then spoke to the Chevy dealership shop who also said it was most likely the fuel pump. In my frustration dealing with this problem I took the car back to my local shop and ask them to replace the fuel pump ($800). Unfortunately, the intermittent problem has persisted and I’m not sure what to do next. I did have an after market remote ignition added a number of years ago and took it back to them to see if this could be related and they said no way. I have also wondered about the security system being a problem in that my rear hatch cargo door does not lock even though the other doors lock normally. Anyone have any suggestions?

When it doesn’t start, does the security led flash?

It sounds like the PCM is seeing an “unauthorized starting attempt.” In these cases, fuel is shut off.

The passlock sensor is often the culprit.

I’m so interested to find out about this problem. I’m having the exact same issue with my 98 Tahoe. Runs fine but, every now and then, it just wont start. Turns over, revs for an instant, than just dies. I also have remote start. My fuel pump was replaced a year ago (as apparently all older Chevy’s need this from time to time). And my mechanic could also not replicate it. Inevitably, it seems to take 10 minutes, almost exactly, of trying to get it to start, before it finally does start.

If you figure anything out, let me know, cause I wont go down an expensive rabbit hole.

@Modernwood you should start your own thread

There are several differences between OP’s car and yours.

Different model year
Different platform (Suburban versus Tahoe)
Different engine
In fact, OP’s engine is one generation newer than yours
Different fuel injection system

In short, you’re comparing apples and oranges

The only thing they MIGHT have in common are the passlock system

. . . Not to mention the thread is almost 2 months old.

. . . Not to mention OP never responded anyways

. . . just saying . . .