99 Chevy Suburban Trouble starting


OK so I have a 99 Suburban and recently we have been having trouble starting it. We have to try starting it a couple of times in order to get it to start after it has been sitting for a while, like say over night or while my husband’s at work. We thought it might be the fuel pump, but recently got told that with an electric fuel pump, they either work or they dont. We got the fuel filter changed and it starts after only one time of trying and not starting. But can someone please give some insight???


Yoy have an electric in tank fuel pump. The fuel pump has a built in one-way valve to maintain pressure after shutdown. When the one way valve fails the fuel drains back to the tank after shutdown. If the vehicle is restarted within a short period of time no problem is detected. After sitting for a period of a few hours the fuel line becomes empty and has to be re-primed before starting.
To verify this is the problem the next time it has been sitting awhile cycle the key a few times. To do this turn the key to on (not start) wait 10 seconds, turn the key off wait 10 seconds. Do this 3 times then start the rig. If it starts right away you know that is the problem.


Ok, say that is the problem. Does he fuel pump need replaced in order to fix it? Sorry, I dont know much about these things.


Yes, that is the only way to fix it. The problem is if the one way valve fails you not only have starting problems, the fuel pump has to work harder to maintain fuel pressure when it is running. It is like pushing a car up hill. Unless you continue to push with all your might the weight of the car will overpower you. If the condition is left unrepaired the fuel pump will burn itself up possibly leaving you stranded.


Dartman is right.

Another poster had a similar problem with a '96 Suburban on the forum some time back and the final cure was a new fuel pump.

They also had been told it wasn’t the fuel pump.