Cranks but won't sart

I am having issues with my 1996 Suburban. When I try to start it up it will crank up, but it will not start. If I do this a few times it will eventually start up on the first try. After that it will usually start up pretty easily the rest of the day. I have heard of this possibly being a fuel pump issue but my vehicle does not stall out after starting. Could this be the starter, the fuel pump, or the plugs or plug wires?

The fuel pump sometimes has a check valve built into it to keep the fuel from backflowing into the tank when the pump is off. It sounds like the valve may be leaking and so fuel needs to be primed back to the engine after the pump has been off for some time. To see if that is true you can just turn the key from OFF to RUN about 6 times or listen to the pump run. If this is the problem then when you go to START the engine should fire up. You may have to replace the pump to fix this trouble.

Thanks, Cougar

You’re very welcome.