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2002 Suburban stalled while drive, will not restart

Hello! 2002 Suburban with about 113,000 miles just suddenly stalled while driving about 40 mph. Cannot get it to restart. Will turn over, but not catch. A quick internet search shows that there was a recall of 2000 and 2001 Suburbans for the fuel pump.

I had JUST put some gas in the tank and it was about 1/2 full, husband added a few more gallons after finding some incidences online of Suburbans failing to start if fuel was low.

He is now thinking fuel pump.

Anyone have any thoughts?

When you turn the key to on, you should hear a slight hum coming from the gas tank if the pump is running. The pump will run for 15-20 seconds and then shut off when the key is turned to on. It then takes 30 seconds or so for it to re-set if the key is turned on again. At any rate if the pump does not go on, then there is a pump problem or the relay, wiring etc. going to it. The pump is electric and in the tank. One thing you could do is check the fuses to make sure the pump fuse is still good. Sometimes banging on the tank with a 2x4 or 5 pound hammer will get it to start again temporarily. Good luck. Not cheap.

All above are good ideas. A mechanic could check the fuel pressure at the rail, at least giving you a yay,nay on the fuel pump. Could be an ignition or timing problem too. Did you hear any weird noises when it stalled out? A broken timing chain/timing belt can cause this symptom.