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Chevy impala 2004 stereo installation

I recently bought a new pioneer MVH-S21BT 1 dvi to replace my old one. I found out which wires in my car connects by using a test light. I connected the positive, the negative, and the one powered by the ignition switch. After that the radio still doesn’t turn on, am I doing something wrong? Please help me and I hope the pictures will help you get a full understanding of my problem.

All I know is that the last person asking for this same type of help went to an auto sound shop and for about 50.00 everything was wired correctly.

I checked around and the cheapest I can find is 100. I really dont want to pay that much since I already bought the radio.

Start by testing it out by connecting it up using jumper wires directly to the battery. There’s only three wires involved to make it power up I expect, +12, ground, and another +12 for the memory (which will be connected directly to the battery when you do the final hookup anyway). Find those three wires, connect them up to battery and ground, and see if it powers up. Don’t bother w/the speaker wires at this point, just complicates the matter. If it wont power up w/those three wires it’s either broken or you’re using the wrong wires. Use fused jumper wires of course.