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95 oldsmobile achieva

I am trying to help my girlfriend install a new CD player in her 95 achieva. However I have only installed aftermarket players in a car that already had the proper wiring connectinos. She bought an adapter kit to hold the new stereo but the wiring adapter obviously is just free-hanging wires. I don’t know how to connect that to the new stereo which also just has free hanging wires.

You can find constant and switched 12V with a test light or multimeter. And you can “pop” the speaker wires it a 1.5v or 9V battery. If you are wiring for 2 speakers strip the ends of the 4 suspected wires 9you have checked that they are not the constant,switched,ground,power antenna, and momentairly touch the battery terminals with the striped ends. When you have a match the speaker will “pop”. Trouble with this way is you don’t know if polarity is correct (many people cant tell if speaker polarity is wrong,others pick it up immeditaly).Give me a hour of so and i will get the colors off the schematic, if I can find it.

No wire guide for the radio side? sure there is not a sticker? brand name radio? check for a web site for the wire pin out.

The wire adapter should be wired to the NEW radio matching the correct wires using both the WIRE ADAPTER, and the NEW radio wiring diagram. This can be done inside your house in comfort.

Now after that is done you should be able to unplug the old radio , and plug the new adapter that’s already wired to the NEW radio to the cars factory radio plug that was unplugged from the old radio, thats it. This is dependent on if you have the correct wire plug adapter.

                      Good Luck

Thanks, I’ll try that tonight.