Car Radio Stops Working

I just installed a new radio in my van and it worked great for a whole day. The next day, I turned on the van and it did not work. I used my multi meter and saw that the ignition wire was not registering power. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it after 10 minutes. The radio worked again for the rest of the day. The following day, the radio stopped working again. Why do I have to remove power to reset? Is there a fix?

So this is in a Chevy… that’s the only thing we know about it. Not the model, not the year, nothing.

You have told us absolutely nothing about how you installed the radio - how did you hook it up? Cut the factory plug off and wire what color to what? Did you use an adaptor harness? If not, why not? Just for grins… what brand radio did you install?

If you don’t help us, we can’t help you…

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2007 Chevy Uplander. I did use an adapter harness. It is a Kenwood stereo

The Uplander does not have an ignition switched power wire for the radio system. You need to run one from the fuse box from a switched wire circuit. Use a dual tap.

Not sure what wire the adaptor harness is attached to but it isn’t purely a switched ignition.

Not too long ago someone had problems with the new stereo they put in their self. They went to an auto stereo shop and for 50.00 the wiring was corrected and problems solved.

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What kind of power does the replacement radio draw? It may be beyond what the factory harness is designed to provide, and the circuit is being shut down to prevent damage.

Works Great! Thanks a lot Mustangman!

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