After market stereo

I had an after market stereo/CD player (gift from kids) installed in my 2003 VW New Beetle (also gift from kids). Less than a week later, my car won’t start. Any connection between the two?

There is no way for us to tell. I suppose if you have a weak battery, or your stereo is drawing power when the car is off, it is possible.

You aren’t even giving us the symptoms of your “no start” problem. Is the engine turning over or does nothing happen when you turn the key? Do you hear a clicking noise?

Possibly, but there’s no way to tell from a distance.

Who installed the stereo?

Was there a problem with the factory stereo?

What happens when you turn the key? How old is the battery?

There was no problem with the factory stereo (except it didn’t have a CD player). My kids wanted me to have one when I’m driving long distances. When I turn the key, all the lights blink on but no start. There is kind of a clicking sound. The battery is 6 years old (possibly 7 if 2010 is counted). I’m going to jump the battery and if the car starts, I’ll take it to Auto Zone or someplace like that and have the battery checked. Thanks.

Unfortunately, VW uses the radio as part of the car’s computer control system, so replacing the radio in a VW often causes unexpected other problems. Read more about it here:

that is pretty amazing. Wish I’d read it before I had that radio installed. I went out and jumped the battery and after a few minutes, the car started up. I left it running for 15 minutes, more or less, and then turned it off and back on and it started again. I plan to go back out in an hour or two and see if it will still start. If not, do you suggest I have the new radio taken out and have the factory one put back in?

Sounds like the new radio might not have been wired correctly, or maybe the battery is just too old (6 years is very old). So get the battery replaced (I would), see if that solves the problem

thank you. that’s what I’ll do.

Don’t keep trying to start the engine. Your battery is shot, and every time you start the engine you’re putting more strain on it.

Running the engine for 15 minutes will NOT charge the battery. It takes much longer than that, even with a good battery. You’ll probably need a jump in the morning, but when you get it running go buy a new battery.

As for the aftermarket stereo, I wish you the best of luck.