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2002 Impala 3.4L No Crank

When it is hot outside and I park my car in full sun, it will not crank. No click…nothing. Also, the radio is completely dead, no display even, when this happens.

The next time you run into this problem, pop the hood open and wiggle the positive cable to the battery. If there’s suddenly power to the vehicle, replace the positive battery cable assembly.


Hmmmm…I actually have been thinking about the battery cable because I am wondering if it is a low voltage issue. I pulled the 10A PCM/BCM/CLSTR, 10A PCM (Crank), and 10A CLSTR/BCM fuses and put them back. I was able to start the car and pull it into the garage. It starts fine if I park in the shade.

It is always a good idea to clean the battery connections when having this sort of trouble. Most troubles end by just doing that. There also could be a wiring problem between the battery and the main power panel under the hood. Verify that voltage is getting to that area when you try to start the engine. If that is ok move on to the ignition switch area.

I pulled the battery harness off the car to get a better look at it. I removed some of the insulation from the leg that goes to the fuse blocks/aux terminals. The attached picture shows the results. I will see if I can get a new harness from the dealer tomorrow. If the lead time is too long, I’ll just build it myself.

Impala = Fail.
I replaced the battery cable and the starter solenoid (because I broke the post off it). Started the car and drove it to work two days in a row. The second time (today), I parked it in full sun. When I came out to go home, the radio display did not light up and, of course, it wouldn’t start. I tried a number of things. First I pulled the CLSTR/BCM fuse, then all the 60A fuses under the hood, then I disconnected the battery. I tried shorting the starter with the ignition on. It would start and then die. I then pulled the PCM/BCM/CLSTR, PCM (Crank), BCM, ABS/PCM, and CLSTR/BCM fuses. I did this a couple of times. The last time I put the PCM/BCM/CLSTR fuse in last and the radio came to life and the car started. Any suggestions? My wife has suggested a repalcement part called a Toyota…

Also, tried to start it yesterday to move it in the garage and it would crank but not start…no fuel delivery.


I suggest you purchase a factory service manual if you are going to work on this yourself. It will greatly aid you in how things things are tied together. There appears to be a wiring problem for the power to the radio and is a seperate problem from the fuel pump problem most likely but they could be related. Have you checked the fuel pump relay and fuel filter for a problem?

I replaced the fuel relay and many others trying to exorcise my car’s demons. The car started fine today, so i do not suspect the fuel filter, but I will check it.

Check the fuel pump relay also.