Chevy front end wobble

It’s a 1995 chevy s10, 4x4.
So I’ve had this front end wobble/vibration for about 4-5 years. It seemed to appear after I did a bunch of front end work, which included changing the upper control arm bushings. One side had stretched, ovaled and was making noise. I changed the upper ball joints and tie rods while I was there.

The only thing I screwed up was the bushings. I smooshed the ears a little on one arm trying to press out the bushings. I bent them back out and they didn’t look bad so I installed it. Would smooshing the ears in just a little cause a wobble like this?
So otherwise I’m not sure the work I did then had anything to do with it. Maybe just a coincidence. I’ve also had 2 or 3 alignments since then.

So what I’ve ruled out is the tires, the tire balancing and the rims. Rotating the tires makes no difference. I’ve replaced all the tires once and there was no difference. It is definitely not a drivetrain vibration. I also get weird heel to toe wear on the outside edge of both front tires. And the tread wears down faster on the outside edge. All the joints in my front end are tight. The wheel bearings also no play.

The wobble is kind of general in the front, not really in the steering. It’s noticeable going very slow or around 40-50 mph. It’s less noticeable at other speeds but still there. I haven’t struck anything to bend anything.
Any ideas of what I can focus on? Thanks

How are your u joints? Does it have a center carrier bearing?