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Shaking on turns

I have a 1990 chevy silverado half ton 2wd pickup that has the 6.2 diesel engine in it. when i go around turns the truck starts bouncing like it has a wheel out of round. however all my steering componants are in good condition, the wheels are true and balanced. wheel bearings and ball joints are like new. the truck only does this on turns. does anybody have any experience with this problem?

How are you sure those wheel bearings are in good condition?

about a month ago i replaced the brakes, rotors, and wheel bearings. since then i have checked them myself, had a dealership check them, and taken them out and repacked them with grease. it was doing this before i replaced them and there was no change once i did

Sounds like you’ve had the wheels on and off several times – so not loose lug nuts.

Macpherson struts? I imagine that you have them. You’ve probably checked the springs visually, but there are other things that can break. I once broke the shaft in one of those at its base inside the metal cannister. That caused really scary cornering. Pull the dust covers off the top and have someone turn the steering wheel stop to stop while you look at the retaining nut on the top of the strut rod from above. If it wobbles at all, the strut/strut mount probably has a problem.

Assuming the suspension components are legitimately good as you refer to them, what about the possibility the alignment is way off?

Vehicles should get an alignment now and then anyway and considering the suspension has been apart to some degree maybe it’s time to have it checked because wheel hopping or skipping (wallowing would be a better term) can be caused by improper toe or camber.