Mazda Miata 90

My car gave me a strange sound in the left rare wheel. I took it to the shop and they told me that is Shock Absorber. I told them to change it; however, there is steel that strange sound. The sound looks like as something as you left tools in trunk un-tightly or improper tools in the trunk. In any event I cleaned the trunk to make sure that the sound in not coming from it. Please give me some hint I can inform my mechanic.

P.S. sorry form my English it is my second language.

Yohannes from MD

If I remember correctly (I seldom do) those rear shocks have a mount at the top and that mount can wear out and make those kids of noises. You might want to ask the shop if it has a mount there and if they checked/replaced it? It might not have been obvious at the time.

BTW, your English is fine, no worse than mine, and most importantly you communicated your question and necessary information much better than most native English speakers do.

Thank you very much for your compliment. That is what exactly I thought.

The sound that you describe may be from a bad wheel bearing or gear in the differential. If the sound seems to change with speed that may be what is going on with this.


I know this isn’t a forum for English lessons but I retyped your post just so it may help you more in the future. Not to just correct some minor errors you made, so forgive me if you didn’t want this done. I struggle with proper English myself and it is my only language.

My car has a strange sound coming from the left rear wheel. I took it to the shop and they told me that it was the shock absorber. I told them to change it however; there still is that strange sound. It sounds like as if you left some loose tools in the trunk. In any event, I cleaned the trunk out to make sure that the sound isn’t coming from there. Please give me some hints so I can inform my mechanic.
P.S. Sorry for my English, it is my second language.

Thanks for editing my English. The sound comes only when I drive in pothole pavement. I guess it is not related with the speed change. I expect your response. By the way where are you located? I am in DC.


Cougar is in Alaska, if I remember correctly.

It could be the exhaust system hitting the body if it’s not the rear suspension.

I understood you perfectly. And that’s pretty good…there are often posts here that I can’t understand al all!

Strut mounts commonly make these sounds, however there are a number of bushings that can cause rattling and clunking sounds when you go over bumps also.

If you can get the car safely up on ramps, not running and with the tranny in R, the parking brake on and chocks under the nonelevated wheels, high enough to slide under you can look for the sound by grabbing and shaking the various components.

Very good memory NYBo. In Anchorage.

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Thank you very much
finaly I found out the control arm bushing is missing.

“Finally”? I’d say that was pretty quick! Good job!

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