Chevy 2007 Uplander acts like it want's to die?

I have a Chevy 2007 Uplander That sounds like the engine is stumbling and about to turn off. Sometimes the only way off keeping that from happening is to press on the accelerator. Also when i’m backing out it just dies and i have to turn it back on. Everytime that happens my engine or abs light comes on. I’ve also notice when it happens my radio clicks off and on. I took it to Chevy dealer and a local shop and they can’t find nothing wrong with it.

The radio may be signalling your problem. Clean your battery terminals and the battery then reconnect the battery terminals. I would suggest having your battery and charging system checked including the belt that drives the alternator. These modern computers require a full 12VDC to operate correctly. If the voltage drops below 12VDC then anything can happen.