Chevy Uplander Starting Problems

My 2007 Chevy Uplander failed to start after numerous attempts: no clicks or anything. AAA jumped it and we took it to the dealer. He couldn’t get it to duplicate the problem, trying over a three day period. We got it back and it failed to start the next day until it was tried about five times. It happened the next day also. Coincidentally, even though it wouldn’t start, we could hear the radio playing inside the van while the keys were still in our hands. When it failed the third day in a row, I jumped it myself and drove it to the dealer. He eventually replaced the body control module after working on it for three more days. When my wife went to pick it up from the dealer, it failed to start again. They decided that the new module must also be faulty so they ordered a new one. When we got it back again, it failed to start the next day again. AAA towed it to the dealer again and they’ve had it for three more days. They disconnected the aftermarket remote starter we had installed but it didn’t have any effect on anything. They’re billing us $100 to reconnect the remote starter since they indicated that the original installation didn’t meet Chevy specifications. During all of this, they found that a water leak had corroded wiring under the carpet, resulting in the power door locks failing. We’ve also found that the power mirrors no longer work.

We purchased the van in 2007 as “Certified Used” and subsequently purchased the extended warranty for about $2,000. The dealer had dealt with a HVAC water leak in 2008 and an under-dash leak in 2009. The 2009 leak also damaged the wiring under the carpeting, resulting in the wiring harness being replaced in that area. The wiring replacement was covered under the warranty by GM but the dealer absorbed the cost of the water leak, itself. They’re now telling us that the 2009 repair was only guaranteed for one year and reminded us that GM’s warranty doesn’t cover water leaks. In other works, they’re already working on how to make me pay for all of this now. We’ve had electrical problems with this car for almost the entire time we’ve owned it. Does anyone have any suggestions for both solving the problem and having GM cover the repairs?