2014 GMC Yukon XL - Paint defects

I have a 2014 Yukon XL . Recently the paint on the hood and front part of the roof showed cracks , like cat scratches, . Has anyone else experienced this with a 2014 Yukon or Yukon XL ?

2014 Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon Likely To Have Paint Problems (gmauthority.com)

Paint can shrink, the primer can shrink, etc. Been a lot of experimentation trying to find paint that meets EPA and vehicle requirements. Not much more to do than to have the spots refinished but at your expense. I’ve got an 09 with no paint problems.

Based on the link that weekend-warrior posted, it does appear that these vehicles have paint problems as they age. That being said, the probability that GM–or any other car company–is going to pay to repaint a 7 year old vehicle is… remote.

There’s no harm in contacting GM via the toll-free phone number that can be found in your Owner’s Manual and/or visiting a GMC dealer’s service department, but don’t be surprised if they tell you that GM will not come to your assistance with this issue.


I don’t think this is a proprietary problem by GM. The OP did not state where they live but here in OK the sun and heat wreaks havoc on paint no matter what car it is attached to.


Same thing here in Georgia.


And Florida

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My wife’s '85 Toyota Corolla has these fine cracks in the paint. We accept it as a part of ageing. She says the car is ‘crazing.’ This is the term to describe the fine cracks that appear in vintage and antique Fine China, especially teacups and teapots…

I know this isn’t going to help your situation, but if you change your attitude from thinking defect to a symptom of ageing… You can at least laugh about it and drive your friends crazy as they try to figure out what you mean when you say your car is crazing…