2017 Chevrolet Impala Paint issue

My 2017 Chevrolet Impala LT has paint fad on the hood,top and the trunk.It started fading at approx 63K The first place that I took It to was the Chevrolet Dealer In Punta Gorda,FL.As soon as they saw it they said this is not right so I called the number for complaints and they gave me the runaround for about two months and finally said they wouldn’t help me with the problem.My car is in a body shop being painted as I’m typing this. I love my Impala but I’m very disappointed in Chevrolet as I still own my first car 46 years now.James K.Port Charlotte,FL.

Paint doesn’t care about mileage… Only time and exposure.

A 2017 is now 5 years old and you live where it is sunny ALL the time (me, too). You don’t say what color your car is. Some colors have more issues than others. You also don’t say if the car has been garaged or sits outside and that has a huge effect on fade.

So did you have a question? Or did you just come here to complain about Chevrolet?


Does the paint still look good on your 46 year old first car? If so, did you do the same paint basic maintenance on the Impala as you did on the older car? Cleaning, waxing, keeping out of direct sun when possible, etc? Another idea, use the forum search feature to see what others have said about the durability of car paints from the 2017 era. I seem to recall some owners having some problem due to a change in the paint formulations, done by the manufacturers to meet air quality issues as I recall, fumes from the paint’s drying period after application. Maybe something to do w/that. Unless there’s a recall or class action, unlikely to get much help from the dealership at 5 years old. You might pose it to the dealership not as a demand to fix the paint, but instead as “I really like my car and considering to buy another from your dealership in the future, but I do have this paint problem on my 2017 that remains unresolved.” Grease the skids in other words. Worse they can say is “no”.

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If it sits out in the sun all the time you have to keep it waxed probably twice a year minimum where you are or the clear coat will just disintegrate and fade . This will happen to any car if it sits out in the sun all the time . If it sits in a garage then that is a different story .

1 car garage full of stuff besides a car, car waxed twice a decade maybe, never had a problem.

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