2016 Chevrolet Suburban - Paint problems

how many people that own a 2016 suburban have issues with their hood having terrible crisscross scratches in the center of it?

Sorry , Thomas but you are not going to get any kind of a definitive answer to that question .

A body shop might have an idea if it is problem but those scratches might be covered by your comphensive insurance if you have it . Only your agent can answer that.

117, 325 Suburbans have that problem.

Just kidding, This isn’t the place to take surveys.

The 2015 seems to have had problems with paint:
2015 Chevrolet Suburban Body / Paint Problems | CarComplaints.com



Without reading the whole thing, I just wonder if the hoods are aluminum or if the constant heating and cooling from the engine had an effect and maybe not adequate insulation. I have had cracking issues on galvanized panels but only after many years. I don’t know though but I would argue with those that think an after-market paint job would not be as good as the robots in the factory. Just depends on the shop and painter but the paint can be thicker than the programmed robots provide. Plus how many of those new cars have already been touched up at the dealer and you never know it? Disappointing sure but gee sometimes you just have to do some repainting.