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Chevrolet Spark 2007 0.8 central door lock problem

Hi guys, my name is Alexander and I have very annoying problem with central door lock (CDL).
I own Chevy Spark 2007 0.8, got it brand new and still driving it after that many years. Never had any problem with it but lately I have problem with my factory central door lock. I had blown fuse, blue one,15A, and replaced it with new one but still no luck. Central lock unlocking and locking just drivers door and other 3 doors nothing. Dont know what to do anymore :frowning: Can someone tell me location of the CDL relay? I tryied to find it but without any luck :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this car have keyless entry? If so, the CDL relay is located under the dash near the HVAC blower motor.

If the vehicle doesn’t have keyless entry, there is no CDL relay. All other locks are controlled by the driver’s door lock actuator. Two wires come out of this actuator and go to the other doors. One of these wires could have a bad connection, or perhaps it shorted out somewhere (such as in the driver’s door jamb wiring conduit), which could have blown the fuse.

There could also be a problem with the wiring going to the other doors.

If you need wiring schematics to help with diagnosis, I can post them here.

Sorry, needed to check what is keyless entry lols :smiley:
Nope, dont have that. Hmmm seems ill have much work tomorrow :frowning:

When I was searching for solution then I found this

#7 should be relay I think, will check everything tomorrow when I wake up. If I dont find it then I will continue with actuator and finding bad connection.