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Power Door Locks

my power door locks stopped working. All 4 do not work as well as my key fob and my external keypad. I can hear clicking when I hit the lock button? Fuse looks good

Will the key open the locks?

Yes, key works fine

Sounds like a relay has gone bad. I don’t have a schematic of your car or anything, but there must be a central relay that activates all 4 door locks. That relay would be the clicking you hear. If the contacts are bad but it still moves that would be symptoms you describe. I would expect this realy to be in the driver’s door or under the dash. Follow the sound . . .

What is the year?

Depending on the year of this vehicle, it is probably a failure internal to the DDM (Driver’s Door Module). It sounds like one of the three relays inside has failed. Of course, it could be the wiring to it instead.

2001 Ford Expedition - also, I took out the DDM to make sure the connections were good and now the drivers side window doesn’t work?

Traced the clicking to the anti-theft module on interior firewall. Unplug the wireing harness and clicking goes away. Dont think it is the relay as (per the owners manual) the relay also works the pedals and seats which work fine. My question is…do you think this is the problem? If I replace the module, do I need to reprogram the remoteless entry code? Help…not sure what this module does…any help is appreciated.

It was the anti-theft module. replaced it and it works great.