2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 locks won't work

My power locks were working fine. I pushed the lock/unlock on the drivers door for a minute trying to program a new key fob and the electric locks quit working. When pressing either the key fob that worked or the electric lock, I can hear a clicking sound coming from under the dash, but nothing else happens. Neither the lock or unlock work now. Any suggestions? My truck is a 2008 extended cab silverado work truck.

I forgot to mention, when pressing buttons on the key fob, the lights/horn will blink/sound, but the locks don’t function, just the clicking sound from under the dash.

Did you try the power locks after they cooled off? They will stop working when the lock motors get hot.

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I have. I have also made a new discovery. It appears that the truck has an after market power door lock installed. Pulling the dash panel under the steering wheel revealed the wiring and relays. One of the relays is what is what I am hearing making the clicking sound. The wiring is all taped together and both there appears to be a total of 3 relays all together with 2 taped together (one of which is making the clicking sound). Is it possible the relay has just gone bad?