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Cheverolet s10 2wd problem starting

my little truck starts right up 1st thing in the morning but after about 3 stops i turn the key and nothing i wait about 5 mins and it starts goes another stop or two and the same thing happens i have had the auto store check starting system no problems i had the computer read no codes

If you have an automatic transmission just put the vehicle in neutral and see if it starts. If it does you probably have a bad neutral safety switch. If it’s a standard shift then have your clutch safety switch looked at.

What year S10? I had a 94 that did this, the ignition switch down on the top of the column under the dash was going bad or possibly the park neutral switch could be going bad if and Automatic.If it is a manual trans there is a neutral switch for that also.When it doesn’t start, try turning the key very slowly back and forth in the start position. You may find there is a sweet spot where it turns over. If so, bad ignition switch. If not and automatic, hold key in start position and wiggle the shifter back and forth in the Park slot or try the neutral slot, with your foot firm on the brake…
For the manual trans truck, the clutch switch would have to be bypassed or hap-hazardly replaced to determine if it is the culprit.