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Not Starting

I have a '94 Chevy S-10, 2wd, 2.2l motor, sometimes when I try to start it, it will not start, or make any noises at all, just the click of when I switch the key forward in the column. Any ideas would be great, ty =)

btw, it doesn’t matter if its cold or hot outside

Could be the starter or - more specifically - the solenoid on top of the starter.
Next time it happens, get a piece of wood and a hammer. Put the piece of wood on the starter and whack the other end with the hammer. There’s a good chance it will start now.
You may need a new starter or get it rebuilt.

As What Remcow said, the solenoid. I could also be the brushes or sometimes called contacts that are in the starter. Auto part store has starter rebuild kits for like under $15.

ty, for your help, ill try those out