Starting problem

have a S-10 truck. one day would not start,

starter would not click but headlights and all power worked. Next day started right up. No problems for a month then now won’t start again. Put in new battery

started up drove it home and next day won’t start. Have tried to start truck everyday for a week headlights work and all power but will not start.

How about providing some reasonable info first. What year? What engine? How many miles? Automatic or manual?

2000 Chevy S-10 4 cyclinder 98,000 automatic

Have you tried two different keys? Have you tried moving the gear shift around a little in park? Have you tried moving the gear shift to neutral and then trying to start it?
Do you use this truck for a lot of short trips? Try tapping on the starter and then try to start it. Check that the cables connected to the starter are good and tightly attached.