Intermittent starting issues with my 2000 Chevy S10

In the past couple weeks my truck has developed an intermittent issue when turning the ignition to start. When I turn the key there is no sound other than the faint sound made by the gauges and lights on the dash. At first it was a very occasional 4 or 5 turns of the key and it would crank right up. I thought moving the tilt wheel up and down did the magic to start. Then, I thought that selecting another gear did the trick. The battery is less than a year old, as is the alternator. There is no “click” from the starter. The truck has 145k on the 2.2 liter engine and it has been well maintained. Any thoughts?

Is this a manual or automatic transmission? If a manual check the clutch pedal position safety switch? If an automatic check the neutral/park safety switch. Also both of these have a starter relay that sends power to the starter solenoid so check that.

Hope this helps.

It’s an automatic transmission. Where is the neutral/park safety switch located and how do I check it? Would the starter relay be intermittent? It sounds like a relay is an easy thing to pop in a new one, so I will try that first.
Thanks for your help!