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Exhaust choice

I have the 2.0L and was wonder what would sound better. Blast pipes with not muffler or a eBay 3" muffler

Neither one.


ditto V70.
Sound ? ? is 100% opinion related. WE can’t tell you from here.
Do you want to show off a little or a lot ?

a little UN P.C. but…
It would sound better to ME . . if I didn’t have to listed to you showing off.

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But if you do put on any version of fart can muffler, you should know that your Suzuki will likely sound like a chain saw rather than a Chrysler Hemi. The engine design, especially the crankshaft timing in degrees, determine much of what an engine sounds like.

You actually want people to notice you in a Suzuki?


I have to apologize for this statement, but I am totally against loud mufflers. For several reasons:

  1. They are illegal.

  2. The disturb other people. Wake people up at night, ruin sleep.

  3. They serve no useful purpose, a waste of money and resources.


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I agree, but those who decry the scourge of “Government Regulations” would apparently like to be awakened by these nuisances. :smirk:

And, in some venues, they are probably not illegal because of a local aversion to “Government Regulations”.

Nothing to apologize for there. :slight_smile:

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I always say weed eater. Not much different than a chain saw. The dual exhaust on my 1990 Rx7 was factory and had somewhat of a V8 burble at idle. Add RPMs and it sounded like a Mazda rotary. A co-worker spent lots of money for Borla exhaust on his Rx7 and it sounded like a weed eater.

I think you’re in the wrong place. You won’t find much of the “tuner” crowd here, as the regulars are more conservative (and probably on the older side).

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Most aftermarket mufflers (Borla, Flowmaster, Gibson, Magnaflow, etc) are at least 49 state legal. I’ve had aftermarket exhausts on my last 3 cars and have never been pulled over because my car was too loud (Bronco had straight pipes, and was the loudest, I was younger at the time and probably wouldn’t do that again, the 03 Mustang had Flowmaster Super 40’s and my 2016 Mustang has Ford Racing (Borla) Sport exhaust)

I guess in an urban area that might be a problem if the driver was inconsiderate and you have a a hundred thousand people living in 2 square miles. But for most of the country it’s not that big of a deal. I live in a semi-rural area, so there aren’t that many people to piss off, and the people who do live around here don’t really care. I’d say that a good 30-40% of pickup trucks around here are straight piped or have some kind of aftermarket exhaust, even on brand new trucks, it’s been like that since the early 1990’s. I’m not sure why that’s the case though.

If the exhaust note of my car pleases me, then it’s not waste of money and resources.

Agree with @lion9car. We are not the right demographic for the “import tuner” questions. Really the only people who can answer your question are regulars at this site, or similar;

They have the same car and may know what exhaust gives the sound you are looking for.

As you may tell by the answers already posted, most of us would leave it as it came from the factory — well at least that car, anyway. :slight_smile:

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I think some younger folks like louder exhausts for the same reason they dye their hair orange, just to differentiate themselves from the other kids on the block. It’s a personal statement saying “treat me as the individual I am” is all. Nothing wrong w/that basic idea imo. OP I think understands their rights end at their neighbor’s’ nose (or ears), so best to keep the loudness reasonable. Personally I’ve always thought the glass pax muffler sound is a good choice for a youthful car owner, makes the car sound different from the others, and isn’t overly loud.

There’s a huge difference. If they pass my house at 1:00AM with orange hair, it doesn’t wake me up. I support anyone’s right to do whatever they want as long as they don’t intentionally violate my right to peace and quite… and a good night’s sleep. When they intentionally do that, they’ve crossed the line. At that point it’s time to violate a few of what they think are THEIR rights. :imp:

Noise ordinances are commonplace throughout much of the nation… for a very good reason.


Many years ago, somebody (possibly a judge??) explained personal freedoms in a very basic way:
Your right to swing your arms ends where somebody else’s nose begins.



I think they are saying "hey everybody, look at me!!!"
I used to make my vehicles loud, and then I grew up. Once I started to leave the factory exhausts on my motorcycles alone, something amazing happened, the cops totally quit harassing me with endless “license check” pullovers.
Even if a loud exhaust does increase power a little, what good does it do you if you can’t get away with using it?

Well, if “most of the country” means most of the AREA, you are probably right. But maybe most of the POPULATION is urban or dense suburban.

I, too, am annoyed by these “tuners” racing up and down a nearby suburban highway, especially late at night (3 lanes each direction, but lots of stop lights and some pedestrians crossing; 35 to 40 MPH limit).

I also fear that their drive for macho “individualism” correlates with aggressive dangerous driving (see “racing,” above). And I realize that banning loud exhaust systems will not fix that … so maybe it’s better to have them self-identified, eh? :>)

I live in a rural town. And yes, it’s a problem. Any driver that puts loud pipes on his vehicle to intentionally make a racket is inconsiderate even if his neighbor is a mile away. Living in an area that is not densely populated does NOT make waking people (and their babies) up in the middle of the night somehow alright. If you’re going to do it, own up to it. Don’t try to justify it with “well, it’s okay because I don’t live in a city”.

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No matter where you go, you are in somebody’s neighborhood. When I’m asked why I haven’t put some sort of aftermarket exhaust system on my own motorcycle, I tell them “I like it when people wave at me, using all five fingers”.

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I like that response, B.L.E.
Personally, I don’t mind modestly cut baffles. A bit of throbbing sounds nice.
It’s when my windows rattle or babies get awakened from someone going by two blocks away that I get really aggravated. To me that’s totally unnecessary and inconsiderate.