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1998 dodge intrepid transmission

My car was stalling, speedometer quit, transmission wouldn’t shift & the mechanic replaced the output speed sensor & it ran fantastic. 1 week later the engine light comes on again & now he tells me I need a new transmission, but the transmission is shifting great. What gives?

Is the car running well at this point? Your post isn’t clear on this.

Step 1 is to find out why the “Check Engine” light is coming on. Many chain auto parts stores will do this for free. Post back with the exact code(s).

Havent found an auto parts store in my area that will do this for free - yet. Taking to another mechanic Wed that is offering free diagnostics & I will post the result. Car ran great for one week. Went to leave one evening and it wasnt going into gear but it wasn’t stalling & the speedometer was working. When I went to take back to mechanic next morning, everything felt like it was running good but the engine light was on.

Okay, took to an auto parts store. One of them white knuckle drives. Drove well for several minutes then went back to not shifting. Anyhow, the codes are P0750 - shift solenoid A malfunction and P0700 trans control sys malfunction.

The solenoid pack can be replaced for $200 - $300, IIRC. However, having both of these codes leads me to believe the problem could be the electrical connection between the PCM (powertrain control module) and the transmission. There is a thick wiring harness between the two. The connections at the transmission end often het corroded.

Sounds cheaper than a new transmission. Not much cash on hand these days. I’ll start making phone calls tomorrow. Thanks for your input. Helps a lot! You think of anything else please let me know.

Most shops had nothing to say, just to bring it in. One did say it didn’t sound like the transmission was shot. None wanted to hear the codes, which I can understand. Who wants to tell you what they think it could be and then be wrong when the car comes in.