Shows Engine check light on

I have Toyota Camry 1999. Recently I am looking some problem in starting when I start the car, The start sound like not normal, sometime starting time a little lengthy, sometime starting beat stucked when it stucked then engine check light keep on until I stop driving and if I start again then it start normal and no sign of engine check light on and it is go on couple of days and then show again engine check light on. I went to machanic they change my oxygen sensor but it did not make any different. Again I went to machanic they told me to leave car with them. But I did not because It does not happen all time. Recently I gave them to change my transmission oil, timing belt change and oil change. After few days that is happening. Please can you find the problem?

You should ask around for a shop which is good at troubleshooting. Such a shop can be hard to find; but, keep looking. Write down the things that do happen, and things that don’t happen, when the car is having this problem. When you find a qualified mechanic, your notes will help in troubleshooting your car.

I would guess they replaced the oxygen sensor, just because or maybe because they checked the error code and it related to the oxygen sensor. They may have made a sensible effort or they may have made a wild guess. Hard to tell from here.

It would be a great help if you could tell us exactly what code if any is stored in the car’s computer. It should be in the format (P0123) (one letter four numbers). Some autoparts stores will check them for you for free.