2013 Chevrolet Camaro - Stabilitrack

Service Stabili Trak & engine light on… Loss of power & sputtering really bad…only 5,500 miles on my 3013 Hot Wheels Camaro

First problem, car is not being driven enough. An 8 year old car with less than 6000 miles, fuel system may very well be gummed up. I suspect you car has VVT, lack of driving with a likely hood of lack of maintenance may have affected the VVT.
Now it sounds like you are in limp mode.
You know the drill, post the diagnostic codes and all pertinent data. Or drop it off at an independent mechanic or Chevy dealership Monday morning.


The stability warning light probably comes on automatically if the check engine light is on. Focus on what’s causing the check engine light first. If you know the diagnostic codes present, post them here. It sounds like it is misfiring.

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