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2015 Acura TLX - Shaky

Stop at a light car starts shaking and car feels like a stall.Hit the gas and problem disappear until another stop.

How many miles on it? If it’s less than 50,000 you may be just inside the powertrain warranty, depending on when you bought it, and should get it in to a dealership immediately to potentially save yourself some money.

Beyond that, how long has this been happening?

Does the Check Engine Light come on when this happens?
And if so, is the light on in a steady manner, or is it blinking?

42000 miles,bought last week,happens occasionally upon stopping

No engine light except for the last time and light was blinking

OK, you need to figure out when the car was sold new. The dealership can help you with that if you don’t have the record yourself. If it was sold less than 4 years ago, it’s still under warranty (the factory warranty is transferable, so you’re covered by it).

Now, that said, if it’s something like a bad spark plug, that probably won’t be covered. You’re going to want to pull the engine codes to see why it was blinking. Also be aware that a blinking check engine light means expensive engine/emissions system damage is about to occur, or may currently be occurring, so if it happens again you need to immediately pull over and turn the engine off.

That bears repeating!

This sounds like something that would likely be covered by the Powertrain Warranty, rather than the shorter “Bumper-to-Bumper” Warranty. On most cars nowadays, the Powertrain Warranty runs for at least 5 years/60k miles, so as long as the previous owner didn’t screw-up the warranty coverage by failing to maintain the vehicle properly, the OP’s problem should be covered.

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Acura is 6/70 for powertrain, but 4/50 for bumper-bumper. And since powertrain is sometimes defined more narrowly than perhaps we would agree with, whatever’s causing this might fall outside of that definition which is why OP should get in soonest, just to make sure.