2005 mustang v6 issues

Recently had my check engine light come on and when i went to get it checked the codes were for misfires on 3 and 5 and random, had my spark plugs replaced and wires at pepboys. 2 days later the check engine comes back on so i take it back to pepboys and it more misfires they cleaned out my fuel injectors and the check engine light turned off and said i was all good to go, they said the test drove it and left it running for an hour without any issues, on my drive home once i hit about 45 mph the check engine light started flashing and my car began to jolt and then the check engine light became sold, after i panic attack and slowing down to 5 mph the light turned off. pepboys doesnt want to see the car again any help on whats going on im scared to drive it

When the Check Engine flashes, it indicates a major misfire is occurring.

This can cause damage to the engine/catalytic converter(s).

Take the vehicle to a shop that’s somewhere close and get this figured out.

Because without doing so, can cost big money later.


Pepboys doesnt want to see the car again ? Tell them you want your money back then as they did not fix the problem . If this has coil on plug then it is possible you have bad coils on 3 and 5 . I wouldnt drive it anymore than you have to in this condition. Find a good independant mechanic . Do not go to chains like pepboys, firestone , etc… Find an independant or go to the Ford dealer who will be more expensive .


when i brought it back the second time they checked the coils and said they were okay and and cleaned the fuel injectors at no cost because 2 days prior i payed for spark plugs and wires, but when i called and said what happend just after i left they said they dont do free work and everything should be fine, i called and filed a case with pepboys so hoefully i can get some help