Car problem

I have a Mercury Sable(yr 2001)the check engine light comes recently.The back and front emision selenoids changed 3 days earlier.The roof light now works sometine also the automatic door locks. The check engine light blinks doing a cold start then stays on.On cold start the motor strugles, giving high revs then low revs, also cause the car to shake. when hot only the check engine stays on. I have a diagnostic done which shows new plugs and wires needed, I put them in but check engine light stays on. ANY SUGGESTION?

WHAT did you have changed? If you have the trouble codes for us, like P0410, those would be so helpful in understanding your problem.

Take it back to whomever did the solenoid replacement. They disturbed something (most likely).

The light will stay on until reset by a scanner or the battery is disconnected for a bit. I only mention it since I didn’t see it in your post.

A code would indicate a misfire. There’s no code that I know of that indicated plug and wire replacement. That’s just what the mechanic suggests as a possible solution. He’s probably right, but you may not need wires. He just doesn’t want a come back and wants you to pay for an insurance policy that everything was covered.

Like Kit, I’d need to see the actual trouble codes to start. Have them downloaded (some parts stores do this for free) and post them here.

And since there are no “front and back emissions solenoids” I’d be interested in knowing exactly what was changed.

Yes, we need to know exactly what parts were replaced.
Either the OP is mistaken about being told that “front & back emissions solenoids” were replaced, or his mechanic is planning to charge him for changing the blinker fluid at the next service appointment.

Thanks. I did disconnect the battery as you suggested, and it works. Driving around the city it works fine.So I took it out on the highway for about 40 miles run, on my way back the check engine light came back on. I allow the engine to cool off then disconnect the battery and it again works. I then called the mechanic who informed that he had changed two of the 02 sensors according to the scanner reading. He said there are three 02 sensor (mercury Sable yr 2001)Should I have the third sensor changed also. I had new plugs and wires put a week a go.

Thanks again