2000 Toyota Camry v6 - Check Engine Light "flashes" and it went away

The “check engine light” came on and flashed for a few seconds AND IT WENT AWAY while I was driving today, was trying to accelerate when this happened. I also noticed “poor acceleration” on one incident after the car’s idled at a traffic light, as if the car does not want to go. This all happened on the same trip.

Since the "check engine light’ came on and it went away rather quickly, if I take it to a mechanic, would the mechanic’s computer be able to read the error codes since the CEL is not there anymore? Thanks!

A flashing Check Engine light indicates a major misfire. And yes, if a scanner is plugged into the vehicle it will show up as a history code. But you should find out what caused the misfire. Without doing so can damage the catalytic converter if it occurs again.


My guess is the check engine light was most likely flashing do to a severe engine misfire.

Most auto parts stores such as Auto Zone, and Advance Auto will check the codes for free. The error code may or may not still be there.

DTC codes are: P0300, 0302, 0303, 0306.

– he recommends to replace the 3 coils, 6 spark plugs, ignition cable, plus labor, sales tax would be around $800… sounds reasonable?


I would start with the plugs and plug wires and maybe the fuel filter. Wait and see on the coil(s)

Just change the spark plugs, first, and air filter if it has a lot of miles (30,000) on it. It’s time to change the fuel filter, also at 35,000 miles. It’s not unusual for a fuel filter to cause problems after it’s been in service for 50,000 miles, or so.