OBD Codes for Transmission Dodge

My 2002 Dodge Neon stopped running a few weeks back and i just got access to an canOBD2 machine. I plugged it in and it tells me its P0841 - Transmission Fluid Pressure Seonsor/Switch A Circuit Range/ Performance. the second code was a p0700 - transmission control system. Anyone care to further explain this? And do i need to replace the whole transmission or just some parts to it? thanks

The P-0700 code will set if any trouble code sets in the TCM (Transmission controller) which in your case is the P-0841. Now, some of the most common problems in these transmissions are bad connections, loose connector pins. The connector which goes to the solenoid pack needs to be checked first. If all checks out good in the connector, you will probably need to replace the solenoid pack.