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PT Cruiser Automatic Transmission Problem ONLY IN THE COLD

My 2005 PT Cruiser (not turbo) is giving me a very frustrating P0700 code and a weird problem. First thing in the cold, autumn, New York morning, the car drives perfectly fine (through still with the engine code on). Once the day warms up a little, the transmission decides that shifting past second gear is for punks and won’t do it, so 30 mph has the engine revving at 3K rpm. My morning commute is 20 minutes, and in that time, I go up to 50 mph with no issues. Driving home, or any other time of day, becomes the issue.

What in the world could possibly be going wrong? I’ve been trying to hit up the junkyard for a PCM to see if switching that out would help, but it’s been too rainy and cold to get out there. Any other thoughts/suggestions?

P0700 is a transmission fault code, you have a transmission problem so the ECU works, not sure about the PCM

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For a P0700 the only real solution is to acquire a scan tool that will communicate with the transmission control module. Extracting this code from the TCM will be the first step in repairing the fault in the transmission. If the TCM compatible scan tool will not communicate with the Transmission Control Module then that is a good indication that there may be a fault with the TCM itself.

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So get the Powertrain Control Module (the transmission ECU) scanned and find out what the problem is first before spending money randomly.