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Check engine light code P1410

I have a 2000 Toyota solara. Everything runs fine. No misfires or weir sounds. But the check engine light has been turning on and off. It turns off at random times and usually turns back on after I get gas. I finally got the code scanned. It is P1410. While at autozone I got a new gas cap based on prior postings and filled up the tank to see if that trick would work. To my delight, the cel turned off upon starting the engine. It remained off for thirty minutes before it came back on. So now I am stuck with the code. What does it mean and how much will it cost to fix?
Thanks for any help that’s out there.

The fuel cap was a red herring. Codes in the P1000 range and higher are typically manufacturer-specific codes. According to my source,

P1410 - (Toyota) EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

It has nothing to do with how much gas you have in the tank. The EGR valve sensor and it’s circuit connector needs to be checked.

Thanks. I guess it’s off to the mechanic for me. Do you happen to know what is reasonable to replace a new sensor? I am not a DIY person and want to avoid the expensive dealer.

It depends on what the problem turns out to be. Replacing the EGR valve overly expensive. But if the problem is in the car’s computer circuit board, that can be quite pricey. Hopefully it is just a loose connection or the EGR vave needs replacement. You’ll have to visit a mechanic who’s experienced with Toyotas, or a dealership. Myself, I might be inclined to tax this one to the Toyota dealership. They might be seeing it all the time and know exactlly what to do.

If your car has less than 100K miles on it, this problem may be covered by warranty since the EGR is part of the emissions system.

Suggest also to Google “P1410 Toyota Solara”, you’ll likely find some comments/questions from others who have this same problem and you may find some answers. Look for a site called “toyota nation”.

The code is for the EGR valve position sensor. The position sensor itself is seperately replacable on these at an affordable cost. See the link below.
NOTE: the EGR valve itself should be cleaned before spending any money. They pass exhaust and can get carboned up.