2002 solara check engine light codes

2 years ago,code po446,was diagnosed with tank bypass valve being stuck. I had it replaced. now,the light is back with same code as well as po441 and po440. car has 89000 miles on it. gas cap? or due to mileage something more serious with emissions. Thanks in advance. love this forum

P0440=Leak detected in fuel vapor control circuit. This could be caused from a defective/missing gas cap, plugged/defective purge canister, or a defective canister purge valve.

P0441=Improper canister purge valve flow.

So the first thing I would check is the canister purge valve for proper operation.


Toyota has a fix. Your car is out of warranty, for this. The Toyota Technical Service Bulletin, dated 09-29-2003, has the test, repair, test for: “M.I.L. “ON” DTC P0440, P0441, or P0446”. It’s said to be due to a charcoal canister valve (CCV VSV). An improved valve is available for replacement.

You may find an Emissions Repair Shop to repair this, or you may have to go to the dealer. Have checkbook. It won’t adversely affect the running of your engine; so, you can put it off until later.