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P0404 and P1404

My car is 97 Saturn SL1.

I get the codes-P0404 and P1404.

They gave me several definitions and explanations to each of the code above.


Def. #1: Leak detection module solenoid valve circuit fault.

Def. #2: EGR valve stuck open condtion.

Def. #3: EGR stuck closed.


Def.#1: EGR system fault (Exhaust Gas Recirculation).

Def.#2: The control circuit for the exhaust gas recirculation system is out of range for the current engine operating conditions.

My driving experience gives me a sense that the there is something wrong with the circulation system, since (1) one of the windows cannot automatically go up and down; (2) the headlight has not been working for a long time; (3) the coolant light has been flashing on for two years even though it is full.

All of these seem to me that the automatic system cannot give me real alert anymore.

Thank you so much again.

Your “driving experience” issues are pretty much unrelated to those code, nor are they related to each other.

The codes are for the EGR system (exhaust gas recirculation) - a lot of the time all of the hydrocarbons in your fuel don’t get burned up and a certain amount of exhaust gas is fed back into your engine’s air intake to be burned again. It makes the car run cleaner and if the systems gets gunked up badly enough will cause it to run poorly under certain conditions.

If you don’t mess with cars much, just take it to a reputable, local, independent mechanic and tell them about the codes. The EGR system has several components and it is possible that more than one of yours is malfunctioning. The components tend not to be overly cheap, nor overly expensive, but it would be best to have someone test all of them to isolate the cause of the problem.

Your power window probably needs a new switch or motor.

Your radiator might be full, but have you checked the overflow reservoir? The coolant light is oftern triggered by a sensor in the reservoir. It could be that the reservoir is low, or that the sensor in it is bad. Either way, you might want to sort out the cause of that.

As for the headlight - I’m guessing that you’ve tried replacing the bulb?

Year, make model mileage?? Google “EGR valve” and learn. It’s probably stuck closed or the passages that feed it are plugged up with carbon. If the car is running OK, you can ignore it until emissions test time…

Your computer is definitely telling you something and will give the technician a starting point. The EGR system allows exhaust gases into the intake and thus into the combustion chamber. This lowers the temperature of the fuel burning because it cuts down on the oxygen that is in the combustion chamber. The EGR valve may be stuck. It sounds like you are driving a 97 Saturn SL 1. The coolant sensor may be dirty or not working. It is a different problem. Back to EGR. Has your engine been pinging or knocking? That used to be a sign that the EGR valve was stuck closed.

Thank you so much for all the information!!! Thank you!

You don’t want to fix anything, do you? You just want those pesky engine lights to go away, right? Well, I’ve found that black electrician’s tape work wonders. You just cut a snippet off, and place it over those annoying lights. End of problem.
Now, if you want some enlightenment (pardon the inadvertent pun), here’s a little article which may help there:

Thank you Hellokit for your blogging advice. I just check them and I think I will take your advice. It is great!